Granite Types Available

Granite is a great choice (and also the most common) for headstones, grave markers, and monuments. It is extremely durable and will retain its original form, beauty, and integrity after years of weathering rain, heat, snow and ice. It comes in a large variety of colors and since it is a rock it is made up of many minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica. Depending on these minerals, stones may contain flecks of green, blue, gray, or streaks of gold.

Granite is found and quarried all over the earth but very few deposits are memorial grade granites. In most cases, even the best quarries provide only 10 to 30 percent memorial grade, with the rest of the granite being used for building purposes.

Below you will see the colors and types of granite we offer.

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  Caprice Blue

  Blue Pearl

  American Black

  Dakota Mahogany

  Autumn Rose

  Dark Barre

  Desert Rose

  Flash Black

  Galaxy Black

  Georgia Marble

  Grey Cloud

  Hedquist Pink

  Impala Black

  Keystone Blue

  Keystone Green

  Medium Barre

  Missouri Red

  NA Pink


  Rib Mountain

  Salisbury Pink

  St. Albans Pink


  Wausau Red

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